Growatt SP1000 DC Battery Storage System

The Growatt SP1000 is the smallest of the three DC Battery storage systems available from Growatt. 

The Growatt SP1000 DC battery based storage system is suitable for both adding in to pre-installed arrays and including during the installation of new ones. It has an internal DC switch and is a self-consumption unit with an extendible storage capacity. It is also compatible with RS232, ethernet and wi-fi connections and comes with a comprehensive warranty program.

The SP1000 includes a 2.7kWh lithium-ion battery specifically designed for use with the SP1000.


Rated power output: 1000W
Input voltage: 100-580V
Input current: 30A
Rated output voltage: 380V
Rated output current: 2.7
Maximum efficiency: 94%
Battery type: Lead-acid / lithium
Battery capacity: 50-100AH
Dimensions: 482 x 350 x 166mm (controller)
Dimensions: 580 x 580 x 137mm (battery)
Weight: 13.2Kg (controller) 30Kg (battery)
Warranty: 5 years

+ Vat

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